Blog Manifesto.

As one that has always found endless joys in the pages of a good novel or on the lines of some fresh paper, the slow overtaking of recent technological miracles such as the iPad and other various gadgets have unfortunately stirred much discomfort in me.

Writing has and always will be one of my greatest passions– But I tend to rise more from the side of a pure digital immigrant, and the inevitable advancing of this new world causes a bit of a problem. The future of writing lies within the realms of the emerging virtual world, and as a self-proclaimed writer, this course will give me the unique chance to expand widely on some much-needed digital knowledge as well as getting some tastes of social media applications, blogging, and a new age in the world of journalism.

I am proud to declare myself a truly novice blogger– But I do hope that with the passing of time, both my newfound understanding and skill in the art of blogging will allow you to follow me on my extraordinary journey.



3 Comments on “Blog Manifesto.”

  1. I do am a true novice blogger going into this class. As I stated in my own manifesto, while I’ve tried in the past to maintain a blog, I’ve yet to be able to do so for any extended period of time. I must admit, it’s refreshing to hear someone refer to themselves as a writer and not some type of blogger, “screen”writer, among the litany of other writing styles that have become popular with the advent of the internet and the decline of mature, intricate literature. While it can be daunting (at least for me) to envision a lifestyle in which writing in a way you’re passionate about fulfills the need for a fruitful career, as well as a means to pay the bills, I hope you follow your passion wherever it takes you.

  2. You’ve done a great job of setting up your blog; I love the background. For writers, I think one of the hard things about the New World is adjusting to the importance of visuals, and you seem to have that base covered.

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