Monthly Archives: February 2012

Juan Devis.

Throughout the years, the city of Los Angeles has gone through its fair share of change. Most of these cultural shifts, however, have shed quite a negative light on a city of supposed angels. According to KCET Departures, this “city of sprawl,” along with a horrible reputation, is “a place with no center and no […]

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According to Rotten Tomatoes, “Catfish may tread the line between real-life drama and crass exploitation a little too unsteadily for some viewers’ tastes, but its timely premise and tightly wound mystery makes for a gripping documentary…” Obviously, the film has received a mixture of positive and negative reviews– With its most critical reception stemming from […]

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Changes in Photography & More.

In journalistic terms, photojournalism has always distinguished itself from other basic forms of photography by strictly complying to a rigid ethical framework demanding that the work is both honest and impartial– But as with many other professions, the inevitable spreads of technology and digital media have begun to heavily impact journalistic photography. And unfortunately, this […]

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