Changes in Photography & More.

In journalistic terms, photojournalism has always distinguished itself from other basic forms of photography by strictly complying to a rigid ethical framework demanding that the work is both honest and impartial– But as with many other professions, the inevitable spreads of technology and digital media have begun to heavily impact journalistic photography. And unfortunately, this new era of citizen journalism can be seen as the slow amateurization of professional photography as well as a democratization of photography itself.

Tuesday’s class discussion raised further ethical questions in regards to the current ease in which photos can now be altered. Photography is seen in journalism as pivotal pieces of ‘evidence’– And along with the rise of Photoshop and the emergence of new citizen journalists, it seems as if the art of photojournalism moves into deeper turmoil.

In an interview with Carlo Zafranco, the ongoing changes happening within photo culture were briefly addressed– With sites like Instagram, Tumblr, and other similar sites gaining impressive speed within the media world, the question of the future of photo culture comes into question. In general, will these changes reflect on photography in a positive or negative light? And of course, there’s also another question– With the shifts occurring in the photo world, will we ever be able to encounter another photographer as great as the late Helen Levitt?

What do you think?

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