Having become “the largest and most popular general reference work on the Internet,” Wikipedia’s own personal entry introduces the revolutionary site as “a free, collaborative, multilingual Internet encyclopedia supported by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation.” And unfortunately, I, along with 365 million other individuals, have come to rely rather heavily on the Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger developed phenomenon as the perfect modern-age sourcing tool.

Finding some accurate and appropriate information to contribute to an article was actually the most difficult part of my first editing attempt. Fortunately, my initially fun and silly Wikipedia lookup of a close acquaintance brought to my attention, a missing piece of information in the section that featured content about her early life.  Because this additional information was, for a fact, a pivotal part of her former years, I thought that it would be a fantastic idea to lend that significant piece of educational information to her Wikipedia article.

Before & After:
As you can see, the former page had not addressed her graduation from BADA, while the newly edited version takes note of that additional educational aspect.
I must say that except for having a few minor complications with Wikipedia’s format-specific style, the simplicity and efficiency of the entry-editing process was truly surprising. In a sense, it was quite alarming to discover the ease that came with changing information on one of my regularly used ‘sources.’ It was also rather frightening to learn the fact that basically anybody with web-access had the capability of adding accurate material– And posting utterly false material if they chose to as well.

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