December Baby.

AN121I was born on December 25th. Yes, that’s right, I’m one of those Christmas babies everybody makes a huge fuss about. From personal experience, there are either two reactions I’m usually met with, or should I say two distinct sounds: cooing or booing.

There’s the “How cute, you must’ve been the best gift your parents could have asked for!” or “OMG, were you wrapped in a giant stocking when they brought you to your Mom”? And then there’s “Wow, that must totally suck!” and my personal favorite, “You know, you stole Jesus’ birthday…” Seriously.

Needless to say, it gets pretty awkward sometimes, and in the past twenty-four years, I’ve felt my fair share of the pain. However, before I go down into a dramatic fit of self-deprecation, it needs to be said that being a Christmas baby is not as bad as everyone thinks it is.

The truth is, we make our own realities. And the reality is that Birthdays mean only what we make them out to be. Besides, the often-dreaded annual celebrations don’t really mean all that much anyways—they never really have. They’re far too overrated.

That being said, here’s a fun list of a dozen struggles specific to little girls and boys born in and around everybody’s favorite winter holiday:

  1. Secretly, you hate anyone born in the summer.
  1. Your present list needs to last you all year long. It’s too bad if your new favorite something comes out in February or June. You’ll be waiting for quite a few months.
  1. If you’re lucky, you finally get that new and nifty thing you’ve been dreaming about all year only to realize that it’s an inappropriate gift for the winter.
  1. “Birthday Parties” are simply poorly attended Holiday get togethers…
  1. Most times, all your friends bail out on you at the last minute, and for no apparent reason.
  1. People are too tired and busy to celebrate the way you want and those who do end up showing up (bless their hearts!) insist on being more festive.
  1. Gift-opening time is more of a treasure hunt than something to look forward to– all the packages are wrapped in Christmas paper so finding the Birthday one takes some doing.
  1. All those wonderful friends and relatives who try to pass off “Birthmas.” Yes, it’s a real thing and it happens all the time.
  1. You dread telling people when your birthday is because it is inevitably met with something overly odd and dramatic.
  1. At school or at work, your birthday is most often forgotten about. It never gets properly mentioned or announced and there are, of course, never any brilliant surprise office parties or special homemade cupcakes. I mean, it’s Christmas! Who has the time to remember such trivial things?
  1. You have mixed feelings towards Santa Clause. On the one hand, the jolly old man does bring you spectacular presents. On the other, he’s a total spotlight stealer.
  1. Yet despite all of this, you never ever ever dare to complain—you don’t want to be labeled a Grinch.

581418_565092300171685_1331131792_nIt’s always the same in the end. We smile and put on a brave face, we act like the bigger and better person. Yet none of this matters because you know that deep down you’re as special as the cherished holiday itself. So keep calm, carry on, and have yourself a Happy Happy Holiday (and Birthday)!!

I know I sure will.


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