Wet Hot British Summer.

Personal personal posts aren’t usually my sort of thing. But in light of how special this past summer has been– how incredibly memorable and lesson worthy– I thought I’d make an exception just one special time. Not as much with words, but instead, with an array of photographs, memories, and tiny eye-catching treasures that I hope you’ll find just as beautiful and life-changing as I most certainly did.

For the past month or so, I had the opportunity, not to mention unique honor, of partaking in the annual Midsummer in Oxford Program at the British American Drama Academy (BADA). In association with Yale University’s School of Drama, the Magdalen College held intensive summer conservatory acting program was, at least for me, life-changing and rather significant, completely a monumental experience as an actress, a performer, a writer. Not only was it a literal scoot across the pond, but essentially, a true growing experience as a human being, an all around artist.

All the teary nostalgia aside, below are some images of this unforgettable trip to classical paradise.

For the Theatre Enthusiast:


For the Literature Buff:


For the World Traveler:


For the Adventure Seeker:


For the Daydreamer:

IMG_0066IMG_0090 IMG_0034

For the silly girl inside all of us:


… And that’s a wrap for London, Oxford, and my very own wet hot British summer! Thank you for everything.


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