#DayoftheGirl: Celebrate What’s Important.

Little girls have long been taught that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that outward appearances are not what life should be about, and that women are worth so much more than what they put on in the morning or what they slip into at night.

a5235c6ff0fc1b312929e027494b8cd1Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and outward appearances are definitely not what life should be about. There are things that are far less trivial, such as, love, peace, family, health, and education. For Michelle Obama, the latter is exactly what people should be aiming towards, especially today, on International Day of the Girl– not boys, not looks, and certainly not blouses.

It’s the brain vs. beauty debacle all over again– and though girls (and boys) have been endlessly told for decades to refrain from zeroing in on appearances and to set their sights on more important things instead, it seems as though some major schooling is still desperately needed.

Two whole days after Melania Trump’s statement-making Gucci blouse came onto the scene, the country is still talking about it, still ranting about it, and still wondering whether or not her choice of clothing actually meant something significant. Or, if it was — as most of us suspect — merely an unhappy coincidence.

The speculation has gone so far over the top to have reached utter absurdity, prompting even CBS News’ Sopan Deb to have to take to Twitter to assure us that a Trump campaign spokeswoman confirmed that the wardrobe choice was “not intentional.” Seriously?

C’mon, peeps, of course it was not intentional, because the fact that we are still scrutinizing over a hot pink satin bow blouse in the style named after bows frequently tied around cats’ necks is totally and completely ridiculous.

Have we, as a nation, stooped to a new low by dragging on and on over – dare I say it– a blouse? Have we, as Americans, not learned enough to keep calm, to carry on, and to do something ultimately better on this supposedly progressive day for girls than continuing to add onto a juvenile attempt to perpetuate even more drama over Trump’s recorded remarks? It really is about time we mosey on away from participating in something as demeaning (not to mention undignified and childish) as decoding appearances.

8b48ef0d6189cec4453ded289606b3ceWomen working and living in the public sphere today have their wardrobes relentlessly scrutinized enough as it is. Hillary Clinton should know: remember the whole ‘pantsuit’ ordeal? And like it or not, focusing so heavily on the actual meaning of Melania’s clothes is pretty much just as objectifying and misogynistic as what her former reality TV star turned presidential nominee husband is obviously so SO guilty of.

Anne Roiphe once said: “A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears.” Wise words to repeat, learn, and to abide by for sure.

So let’s review again: Love. Peace. Health. Family. Education. Those are some of the things the world needs to be aiming towards; those are the essentials that need to be put closely under a microscopic lens. Take some time today (and every day) to ridicule less, to rise above the rest, and to raise the bar so that young girls everywhere can get exactly what they deserve. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Go on and celebrate #DayoftheGirl!


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